Small vase for short flowers or other small things

90 lei

This vase is part of the “HAZARD” collection,
collection inspired by the shapes of clouds and waves.
The collection receives new colors for the summer season: blue and powder pink, bearing the memory of the summer sky caught at noon or sunset.
Made of colored porcelain mixtures, the objects made in this technique give me pleasant surprises every time I take them out of the mold. Playing with mixtures requires control on my part, but the final look belongs to chance.

This vase has a simple, organic shape being suitable for highlighting short flowers. They can be used as an accent when we want to arrange a table for any occasion. The size is right and will fit in its entirety, without being a visual obstacle.

Each pieces is unique, due to the technique used during the process.



Porcelain, pigments and transparent glossy glaze.

Slip casting in molds
Marbling technique

First firing: 900 Celsius degree
Second firing: 1250 Celsius degree

– 8 cm in diameter
– 7,5 cm in height

All materials used are non-toxic and safe.