The "Hay Flowers - Sotrile" Collection is dedicated to the ephemeral.
The pretext it's given by the flowers that grow from spring to midsummer in the Sotrile's meadows - in the spring: violets, crocus, primrose, followed by the bells, Easter flower, dandelion, flower clover, poppies, alpine columbine, carnations , St. John's wort and many others whose names I do not know.
I discover all of them with amazement and I follow them from the moment they appear until they wither.
Some of them grow in tall grass, are mowed twice in the year and become haystacks.
That's why the locals call them "hay flowers".
All these flowers heal the soul and some of them the body, too.
I put them on vases and cups like in a porcelain herb.
Use them with pleasure, put them on the table on short winter days in memory of the sun and the flowers meadows.