The "Blue" collection was inspired by the sky-blue of the summer sky and is animated by my preference for this color.

The collection includes 3 vases with simple shapes. Two of  them are "tied“ in blue stripes, the third one has the walls bathed in blue waves.

"The Catalan artist Joan Miro produced in the 1920s a group of paintings radically different from what he had done before.
Such a painting-poetry, a large canvas created in 1925 remained almost completely empty. In the upper left corner, the word "Photo" is handwritten in elegant loops; on the right, a careless spot, in the shape of popcorn, colored like forget-me-not flowers, and below the words, in neat and
dutiful letters, ceci est la coleur de mes reves ("this is the color of my dreams")”.
Quote from the book "Colors and their secret life" written by Kassia St Clair.