Large cup with flowers, no.1

90 lei

In early spring, the violets and the  primroses  appear in the studio yard; the former look for shade from the trees, the other one grow on sunny slopes. This preference for shade and sun is also found in the colors they have: blue-purple for shade and yellow for light.
I chose to combine those two forms of light by painting the violets with the primroses on the same cup.
A cup suitable for light and shadow from the soul. 


Porcelain, pigments and transparent glossy glaze.

Slip casting in molds
Underglaze hand painting decoration with pigments

First firing: 900 Celsius degree
Second firing: 1250 Celsius degree

- 8,3 cm in diameter
- 9 cm in height 
- 300 ml – volume

All materials used are non-toxic and safe.
Each object is unique being hand-painted.