Brancovenesc bubble

150 lei


Historical sources record that the ruler Constantin Brancoveanu gathered the most famous craftsmen of the time: Istrate Lemnarul, Vucasin Caragea the stonemason and Manea the bricklayer and ordered them to build a monastery and at the same time create a Romanian style. This is how the Hurezi Monastery was born.
Being guided by God, Constantin Brancoveanu believed in the power art has in educating people.
Because he did not give up his faith in God, the ruler was proclaimed saint, and the consequences of his faith in art gave birth to the Brancovenesc style.
The Brancovenesc globe is a homage to the elements of the Brancovenesc architecture, the motif of the trilobate window. The decorative elements suggest a mural subject to the passage of time.


Porcelain, pigments and transparent glossy glaze.

Slip casting in molds
Underglaze hand painting decoration with pigments

-First firing: 900 Celsius degree
-Second firing: 1250 Celsius degree

12 cm high